Enter through here

Before diving into the house interior and our move-in progress, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the evolution of the house’s main entrance. Or at least it would be interesting to me, as I love seeing before and afters and progressing photos, haha!

I think when we started the Fairmount project we didn’t really have any huge aspirations for what the front entry could become, or really with the exterior as a whole. Our main focus for the exterior at the time was just on adding the Beetlejuice house faux wall. It wasn’t until we had to dig into a more fuller replacement of the exterior siding that we began to play around with more ideas for the general exterior. And it wasn’t until we axed the slatted ceiling design feature in the upstairs loft that we actually honed in on a new design feature that would become one of the house’s new signature elements – the large round window, or eye as we’ve affectionally begun to refer to it as.

If you recall, the original front entry had a large rectangle of glass blocks above the door, followed by a triangle shaped window above that. From the start we were set on replacing the glass blocks with a regular picture window, but we were a little torn on the triangle window. From the outside of the house the triangles felt harmonious to the house because they followed the slope of the roof gable. However on the inside of the house the ceiling up there was not pitched and could not be without sacrificing attic access to one side of the house. In the end both windows were replaced with the large round window.

Looking back on that decision now that we have the final product, we could not be happier! The eye adds so much character to the house, especially at night when the globe pendant “iris” is turned on. As seen in the first picture below, we placed a color LED smart bulb in the globe for added quirkiness. Enjoy the slideshow trip through the progression of the front door entry!