The house's eye

Fairmount Window 09.jpg

Originally, the Fairmount house featured a large rectangle shaped glass block window that we really did not like. Personal taste aside, the glass blocks were not in great condition and had plenty of cracks and leaks and needed replacement no matter what. Initially the plan was to simply replace the glass block with a standard picture window of the same dimensions, while retaining the triangle window above the rectangle.

The triangle windows (there was one on the front of the house and one on the rear) were a source of delight as well as annoyance for Jon and I. From the outside of the house, we really liked the triangle windows. They followed the roofline shape and generally looked appropriate for the house. The placement of the rectangle window, however, never really looked quite right in unison with the triangle window. Inside the house, the triangle windows really looked off, though. The ceiling inside the house does not follow the pitch of the roof line due to the necessary attic space, and as a result the triangle windows were awkwardly placed in very close proximity to the ceiling (as seen in the first photo in the slideshow below).

A solution we were very close to pursuing was to create a slat feature ceiling detail to hide the triangle windows, while embracing the light they brought into the house. The plan was to align the slats to the same level as the base of the ceiling soffits, with the slat spans running parallel to the window plane, creating a volume above the slats within which the triangle windows could be concealed.

It soon became clear that we had to do a lot more extensive exterior work to the house, and that was when we really began to start looking at the budget to try to find areas to alleviate some of the budgetary pressure… and the ceiling slat feature was the first to go. With the slats nixed, we needed a solution for the triangle windows, and that’s when the idea was birthed to replace both the rectangle and triangle windows with something different… and the final solution was to make it a large 5 ft round window.

Fairmount Window 07.jpg
Fairmount Window 08.jpg

There she is, our new round window in all her magnificent glory. And sticking with the “Beetlejuice” theme, we love the playfulness of the new window… it almost seems like the house has an eye. So much so, that we’re going to have a large globe pendant hung perfectly centered to the window in order to make it appear as an iris.

Fairmount Window 10.jpg