Campbell Home Tour, Upstairs

Continuing the Campbell condo tour, in the previous post I went over the details of the main level of the condo, so now lets visit the upstairs. The first stop once you went upstairs was the master bedroom, seen below. The window had some beautiful views of the mountains in the distance, the city, and over towards the right side is the soaring Campbell water tower. Every master bedroom we've had has featured a black wall behind the bed, and that was the first thing we added to this room once we moved in (and we're going to be continuing that tradition at the Fairmount house here in Portland soon). Overall, the room was quite large with more than enough space for a bed area as well as a sitting and lounging area, with the closet and bathroom tucked behind the sitting space.

The next room upstairs was our shared office. This was the room that we spent the most time in year-round. It was always the quietest room in the home, and in the winter it was always the warmest. It was a great space for working, creating, and relaxing. We'll need to replicate this experience in the Fairmount house. Oh, and my deskspace is on the side with the headless manequin… just in case you were curious! 

Finally the last notable space upstairs was the art studio. Sadly, we didn't make much use of this space. In reality it was primarily the cat's space, as this was where we kept their food and litter box. We're adding a larger and more functional studio into the Fairmount house the we hope to really use. 

And that wraps up the tour! Looking through all of these photos made me remember what a great place this was and also how fortunate we were to live there. We're really going to miss this place and all of our friends in the Bay Area. We had a lot of great times and memories there, Campbell will always hold a special place in our hearts. 💛

Sunset in Campbell, California

Sunset in Campbell, California