Vintage Shop Score!

We have been trying as best as possible to get out whenever we have a chance and explore different areas around our temporary apartment as well as near the Fairmount house. Today we decided to branch out a bit more and check out some of the offerings around Beaverton, which is about 25 minutes away from the house by car. Specifically we wanted to check out a vintage video game store, Retro Game Trader, but it turns out there are a couple of general vintage store nearby there that we could check out along the way.

While in one of the other vintage stores this large white globe caught my attention from the corner of my eye. I walked over to what looked like a Kartell FL/Y pendant light, and then did a quick double take when I saw the price tag – $45! I had recently been doing some online window-shopping for pendant and chandelier options to hang in the Fairmount house, and the FL/Y was one of the options the we liked, so the price was sort of still fresh on my mind: about $350 for the medium size.

I quickly inquired to take a closer look and verify whether it was actually the real thing or if it was a similarly styled light. Turns out it was a genuine FL/Y light! The store also had an attractive translucent orange/amber colored model, but alas that one was covered in some deep and noticeable scratches upon close inspection. Such a shame too, the color was gorgeous and the way the transparency played with the light was amazing. I still probably would have preferred the opaque white version nonetheless, though, since it would match the house better.

FLY Pendant 1.jpg

Now to find a spot for it somewhere in the Fairmount house… It would look great in the dining room. We're planning to switch to a round shaped table with a black finish, so the light would look beautiful floating above it – plus the living room will be getting a Moooi Random Light, so the shape of the FL/Y light can play off of that light since the two will be near each other. Alternatively it could maybe go in the family room, perhaps floating low over our round coffee table.

The color and shape of the dome remind me a lot of the 2002 Apple iMac G4, the version with the adjustable display that resembled the Luxo lamp. 

That was one of my favorite iMac designs (C'mon! The CD drive stuck out like a tongue! What's not to love?!), and in a similar vintage shopping story, I have a working unit that I found a couple years ago at a salvage shop for just $30. Whatever room the FL/Y light ends up I will need to be sure to place my old iMac in the same room so that they can keep each other company. Fingers crossed that the FL/Y light actually still functions, though!