The interior, main level

As you saw in the last post, there is currently an extensive amount of work and refocusing of effort going on with the Fairmount house exterior; but originally going into the project our main intent was to focus most of the renovation on the interior. The house was built in the early 90’s and as such there were plenty of elements that felt out of place today. The main level of the house (there are 3 levels total: you enter into the main level of the house located at the middle, the master is upstairs, and there is a pair of Jack and Jill bedrooms and extra space downstairs) is probably the part of the home interior that is getting the largest update and reconfiguring.

Starting from the entrance (seen above towards the left in image 1) you originally were greeted by a foyer (?) wall which blocked the dining room behind it. To the left of the wall is the living room, and to the right of the wall is an entrance to the kitchen as well as the stairs up/downstairs and also leads into a hall taking you to the main level bathroom and a room that was previously utilized as a den (we’ll be using it as a guest room). We liked the separation of space that the wall provided, but wanted something more airy, so as you can see in images 2 and 3 the wall is being replaced. At the moment there is just a big hole leading directly into the dining room, but it will be replaced with a wooden post screen. The screen will allow for definition of the space while also allowing direct view of the dining room window as you enter through the front doors.

The dining room previously had a very strong contemporary 90’s vibe to it thanks to the tiered cake style ceiling, as seen in image 1 above. The kitchen also had a similar but far less successful tiered ceiling, but I’m saving the kitchen dissection and renovation concept for another post (mostly because I need to get some better photos of it). The plan here was to remove the entrance-facing wall of course (visible to the right of image 1 above – the dining room side featured 2 base cabinets as a built-in buffet, and the entrance-facing side featured 1 cabinet in the center), and also to remove the separator wall between the dining room and the kitchen, creating one long open space and allowing much more light to flood in between the kitchen, dining, and living room. It turned out that the tiered ceilings were purely decoration and not functional at all; I was totally worried that there may have been some hidden duct or piping or other functional reason for wanting to do a tiered ceiling… because why would anyone want one otherwise! 😅

In the background of some of the photos above you’re able to peek the previous and current state of the living room. The living room was mostly harmless, except for the fireplace. Above the fireplace was a large and ultra-contemporary bulge. Aside from housing an overhead light, it served no real purpose, and turned out to have no functional purpose… so it will be removed in favor of just a clean and flat expanse of drywall. The fireplace hearth is going to be removed in order to give a little more space back to the room – the room photographs a little bigger than it really functionally is, and taking into account the window and fireplace placement there aren’t too many furniture layout options, so removing the hearth will give back needed space and hopefully allow for a couple more layout options.

Around the corner of the fireplace was a bench that housed a log storage compartment, we’re also going to remove this again in order to open up the space a little more and expand the furniture layout possibilities. The new fireplace will feature a wide band of raw metal stretching from the left of the fireplace wall all the way around into the window nook where the bench was previously. The living room is a double-height space with lots of windows providing a wonderful amount of natural light. We’ll be augmenting the space with a nice oversized pendant in the center of the room, adding extra light into the space but like the previous fireplace bulge did the pendant will also direct visual attention back up to the top of the space.

The interior will be mostly on pause for a couple more weeks since the majority of the attention is being spent on the exterior in order to wrap up all the outside work before the heavy rains become a daily event… But we’re so excited to see the interior begin to take shape again. We’ll be covering the design changes and progress on the other 2 levels in the house, as well as the new kitchen. Oh, and the Beetlejuice inspired bathroom and guest bedroom on the main level too! Can’t wait, we’re so excited! 😀