CB2… what happened?

I have a strong love-hate, hate-love, relationship with CB2. I know that is a pretty silly thing to say, considering that CB2 is simply a furniture and homeware company… but they previously had been one of my favorite go-to stores for decorating my home. The days of walking into a CB2 store and being greeted by brightly colored products seem to be gone now, though, much to my dismay. Replacing the cheery bright colors of classic CB2 goods are a huge amount brass/metallics, blush, and plenty of earth tones.

Don't get me wrong, there certainly is a place for brass and earth tones in most any home decor, but there is just such an overwhelming amount of it in their current offerings that it really makes me yearn for their older, more fun, color palettes. Doing a quick scroll through their latest product offerings really showcases how monotone their color selection has become over the past year... one could even be forgiven for having a brief moment of amnesia and thinking they've been scrolling through Z Gallerie and not CB2. Again, there is nothing wrong with Z Gallerie… but do we really need another retail purveyor of gilded metallic alligator bookends?

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I did actually find a few items that I liked in CB2's latest product offerings! And underscoring the loss of color in their catalog, all of my favorites this time around were black.

Wall sconces have been on my mind a lot as of recent, as I've been hunting around for fixtures for the Fairmount House. I'm really liking A and D for their simplicity. I'm going to have to stop by a physical store soon and take a look at these in person. 

CB2 Lighting 2018 Spring.jpg

A) Solo Black Outdoor Wall Sconce ($69.95)
B) Rest Clear Glass Black Wall Sconce ($99.95)
C) Fan Black Glass Wall Sconce ($69.95)
D) Plate Matte Black Wall Sconce ($59.95)
E) Soso Tan and White Metal Pendant Light ($69.95)
F) Bella Smoked Double Glass Pendant Light ($129.00)

Outside of light fixtures, there also were a few random items that piqued my interest. The oversized round mirror in particular is very nice, I think it would look quite nice as a bathroom mirror (perhaps even with the Eclipse shower curtain to continue the round shape motif in the bathroom).

CB2 Products 2018 Spring.jpg