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Xan·thic [zan-thik] Adj. — Of, relating to, or tending toward a yellow color.
Ca·sa [kah-suh, -sah] Noun — From Latin. A house, dwelling, hut, or cabin.

Hello there! I'm Raymond, and Xanthicasa is a spinoff of my main site, Xanthic Eye. I started the Xanthic Eye in 1998 as my digital arts playground and creative outlet, but I had been itching to have a more personal space to catalog general life moments as well as my home décor and renovation ambitions. 

I'm a trained print graphic designer with a BFA in graphic design, and while in school I experimented on my own with interface design and skinning. Now I work as a user interface designer at Apple where I spend my day manipulating the pixels on many of your iThings. I live in Campbell, California with my husband, Jonathan, and our two cats, Bigfoot and Mr. Peepers. Jonathan is an amazing illustrator who loves all things fantasy and monstrous.

Both our cats are quite the characters. Bigfoot is a black and white polydactyl, with an extra toe on each paw resulting in big feet, thus his name. Mr. Peepers is quite an ordinary looking black cat, but he makes peculiar bird-like chirps, thus his name.

About Fairmount House

We bought our home, the Fairmount House, back in late 2017. As soon as we saw the house we fell in love with its bones and all of the potential it had. We paired up with Hammer & Hand and Thesis Studio to bring the house out of the 1990’s slumber that it was trapped in.


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